Tell me your secret fetish…

by Niki 855-384-4577 on January 7, 2018

Do you have a secret fetish that you can’t share with anyone? I bet you do. Well, you can tell me. I can keep a secret. I’m the hot sexy slut that’ll bring that fetish to life.I have all kinds of callers who are embarrassed to talk about it at first. But once we start talking it always comes out. By the time we’re done with the call they feel that release that they’ve been looking for.fetish

John is a good example. He called a couple times before he was comfortable enough to tell me he wanted to be my sex slave. I put a collar on him and had him on all fours. Then I locked his little cock in a cage and attached weights to his balls. His tiny cock was so hard. I smacked his balls hard and he moaned out like a nasty bitch. I laughed and grabbed my big 9 inch dildo.

I sat on the chair and he was at my feet like an obedient dog. I shoved my dildo in his mouth and face fucked him till I was dripping wet. Then I took that dildo and shoved it in my cunt and fucked my pussy while he licked my cunt. I came all over his face. Then I took that cum covered cock made him turn around. I shoved that dildo in his ass and fucked his like a dirty sex slave. His little cock went off in that box and filled it with cum. Of course I made him lick it clean. If you have a fetish your dying to share, call me. I’m always ready to play.



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ass to mouth then dive right in…

by Niki 855-384-4577 on December 13, 2017

ass to mouthDo you like what you see? My sexy ass is perfect for fucking. It’s soft sultry curves and tight little hole will make your cock go off like a rocket. You know you want to be buried in this exquisite ass. But before you stick it your gonna have to lick it. I love some ass to mouth action.I want you devouring every inch of my bottom. I want feel your tongue running back and forth between my clit and my crack. Then slowly circling my clit then sliding to my ass and tongue fucking my tight puckered hole.

ass to mouth

I can feel you slowly massaging the crack of my ass. Savor my juices as you wiggle your tongue in as deep as it’ll go. You’ve got me ready for that big hard cock of yours. I’ve got my ass in the air ready for you to plunge into. I like it hard and fast…and as deep as you can get it. Now come on baby, give me a call for some hot ass to mouth action. go on and come over try it out I promise it will be the sweetest thing ever. don’t you forget I’m the direst slut on the next

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Morning wood cock sucking whore

by Niki 855-384-4577 on December 10, 2017

cock suckingGood morning. I see your morning wood needs some attention. Don’t worry, I’m the  sexy cock sucking slut who’s gonna milk those balls for all their worth. I want to be your dirty cum eating whore. I bet it’s cold and you want me to get undressed and climb into bed with you. Let me snuggle up in those big strong arms. I love the feel of my tits against your chest. Can you feel my hands roaming down your body and grabbing a hold of your big hard piece of wood. I’ve got my hand wrapped around that throbbing shaft and I’m stroking it nice and slow.

I’ll kiss my way down your body till I get to that morning woody that’s aching for release. Look in my eyes while I slide my wet tongue up and down that big purple shaft. I can feel the vein in your cock pulsating against my tongue. I open my sexy red lips and suck your cock inside. Grab my head and fuck my face like I’m your cock sucking whore. Shove it down my throat till I gag on it. Now give me what I want most…a shot of that creamy hot cum down my throat!!cock sucking

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Guided masturbation phone sex

by Niki 855-384-4577 on December 3, 2017

Guided masturbation phone sex is so much fun. While I’m fingering my sweet juicy cunt you’ll jerk your cock till we cum together. I get so fucking hot while we tell each other how and where to touch each other. I want you to tease me like I’m gonna tease you. I’ll have you wrap your hand around your big fat dick and slowly slide it up and down your shaft. Tell me how bad your cocks throbbing for a taste of my pussy. You start stroking faster, short fast strokes making your cock bubble up with pre cum. I’ll let you enjoy it for a moment then I’ll make you slow back down just to hear you beg me for more.

You have heard of edging haven’t you. That’s what I’m gonna do to you. Bring you to the edge of an orgasm only to deny you what you want most. I’m gonna enjoy listening to the sound of your moans as you fight back the urge for release. I get so fucking hot thinking of you laying there with your cock throbbing and waiting for my command before touching it. Teasing you while I slip my fingers inside my wet cunt finger fucking my tight little fuck hole while you listen to me is what gets me off.

I know you want nothing more than to hand fuck your cock but making you squirm is so fucking hot. But finally i’ll let you stroke the ache in your cock. I’ll tell you when to go faster and when to slow down. I’ll play with you the way I want you to play with me. You’ll do everything I say because you know how hard I can make you cum. But when were both on the edge of an intense orgasm and about to cum I’ll take us over the edge giving you a mind blowing Guided masturbation phone sex experience!!

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Squirting phone sex with Niki

by Niki 855-384-4577 on November 29, 2017

I find most men love a hot squirting phone sex pussy and I’m lucky enough to have one. i found out one afternoon while I was still in high school. No one was home and I was snooping around my parents room when I found a porno cd. I took it to my room and popped it in the dvd player. It was making me horny so I slid my shorts off and stared to rub my pussy. I got so turned on that when I came I felt a gush of water come out of me. At first I thought I peed. But when I smelt and tasted it I knew it wasn’t.

I wasn’t a virgin, but a dick had never done that to me. I was still young and the boys that I’d fucked were not that big. Hell, my mom’s dildo was bigger than any cock I’d had. As I got older I learned how to make my pussy squirt so much I can soak a guy. Usually it happens when I masturbated, but sometimes if the cock is big enough it can do it to me too. When I tell a guy I can squirt, they always ask if they can watch.They want to see it happen. I think most guys don’t believe it’s real.

We’ll climb on the bed as I lay back and spread my legs. I’ll start to play with my pussy. I rub my finger against my swelling clit and feel my pussy getting wetter. I slide a couple fingers in my cunt hole and finger fuck myself while he moves in closer. His face just inches from my pussy I rub my clit hard and squirt all over his face.I bet you’d like it if I squirt all over you too. All you have to do is give this hot squirting phone sex slut a call!




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